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Legacy 106, Inc. offers more than 35-years of local San Diego experience in the study and evaluation of historic and archaeological resources. Our in-house expertise brings the experience of twenty-four years of CEQA environmental review for legal compliance, management of a National Park Service Certified Local Government, eighteen months of management of the Fort Rosecrans Historic District at Naval Base Point Loma, and a high success rate for historic landmark nomination to the City of San Diego, Historic Resource Board. The staff has conducted historic and archaeological work in southern California, western Arizona, and northern Baja California.

Historic Resources
Legacy 106, Inc. has conducted historic surveys, architectural studies, historic research and prepared City of San Diego Historic Landmark and National Register nominations and a National Park Service management overview. Ronald V. May, RPA, President of Legacy 106, Inc., previously managed structural evaluation surveys and treatment plan contracts for the United States Navy on a 1908 brick masonry building, a 1898 large cast concrete artillery battery, and restoration of a United States Army Coast Artillery spotlight at a 1915 mortar battery on Point Loma. Legacy 106, Inc. has also completed an Extended Initial Study, Mitigated Negative Declaration, and HABS mitigation report to the City of Encinitas concerning a 1915 Craftsman bungalow.

Resource Management Plans
Legacy 106 Inc. completed joint authorship of a cultural resource management overview with Roger Kelley, Ph.D., Western Region, National Park Service, for Cabrillo National Monument in 2001. Legacy 106, Inc. advised and guided future revisions of the Cabrillo National Register Historic District and Fort Rosecrans Historic District boundary revisions and consolidation into one large district of more than 200 contiguous and non-contiguous contributing properties within the original Point Loma Military Reservation created by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1852. Staff at Legacy 106, Inc. brought experience in creating historic resource conservation areas for County of San Diego community plans prior to incorporation of Legacy 106, Inc.

Environmental Studies - CEQA process
Legacy 106, Inc. staff offers significant experience on reviewing project impacts to environmental resources, traffic studies, acoustical effects, growth induction, and cumulative effects from prior local government work. President Ronald V. May, RPA, brings 24-years County of San Diego environmental review and resource management and 18-months with the United States Navy in National Environmental Policy Act and Section 106 review and management of wildlife and historic properties. He also has nine years experience with other federal, state, and local agencies in archaeology and history consulting. Legacy 106, Inc. has served the City of Del Mar by providing input and the City of Encinitas by preparing Extended Environmental Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration documents and worked with Sagebrush Consulting, L.L.C. to carry out HABS mitigation of an 87-year old historic house.

Ronald V. May, RPA, has offered leadership to federal, state, and local agencies in archaeology since 1968. The California Division of Highways appointed him District Liaison Archaeologist for District 11 (San Diego County) in 1970 to supervise state and interstate highway design impact review, conduct field surveys, test excavations, and he directed two eight-week archaeology salvage projects in the path of Interstate 8 in 1971 and 1973. He served David D. Smith & Associates as senior archaeology before entering civil service with the County of San Diego in 1974. In various capacities in that agency, he reviewed housing subdivision, highways, water delivery, golf course, and resort projects for California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) impact review and oversaw developer-consultant survey, testing, and salvage mitigation projects. Upon retirement in 1998, he managed historic and archaeology sites for the United States Navy on Point Loma for eighteen months before entering private practice. He has authored journal articles, field archaeology reports, edited publications, and currently serves on the boards of directors of the American Cultural Resource Association and Fort Guijarros Museum Foundation.

Historic Preservation
Legacy 106, Inc. has conducted numerous historic property surveys in the City of San Diego to research and nominate candidate buildings as City Historic Landmarks in the communities of Kensington, Mission Hills, South Park, Golden Hills, and Morley Field in Balboa Park. Legacy 106, Inc. has advised the City of Del Mar and City of Encinitas in preparing ordinances and policies for historic preservation. Legacy 106, Inc. has also conducted historic research and reviewed historic documents for projects in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Historic Archaeology
Legacy 106, Inc. has analyzed historic archaeology artifact collections for Pacific West Archaeology, Inc., Mooney & Associates, and Anteon Corporation since the year 2000. These include a federal Section 106 impact evaluation on a gas line corridor study along Interstate 10 in Riverside County at the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Desert Center and a federal Section 106 archaeology mitigation excavation and analysis of two 1880-1930 historic archaeology features at an elderly care facility in the City of San Bernardino for Pacific West Archaeology, Inc. in 2003. Anteon Corporation requested historic artifact analysis of test samples from twenty-nine historic sites from the 1880-1942 town of Linda Vista at Miramar Marine Corps Air Base in San Diego County. Mooney & Associates requested historic research and collections analysis of the Roeslein Homestead along the San Dieguito River in San Diego County. These large collections were processed for curation in compliance with federal regulations (36 C.F.R. 67.7).

Ronald V. May, RPA, President of Legacy 106, Inc. has more than twenty years experience in historic archaeology excavation, analysis, and report on (CA-SDI-12,000) Fort Guijarros, an 18th century Spanish cannon battery, 19th century American whaling station, and early 20th century U.S. Army Fort Rosecrans on Naval Base Point Loma. Additionally, May conducted three years of investigations at the Royal Presidio de San Diego de Alcala with San Diego State University and authored journal articles and completed a master's thesis on Mexican Majolica ceramics from the 16th through 20th centuries.

Historic Research and Archaeology Evaluations

The Analysis of Historic Artifacts Recovered From The TELACU Project, San Bernardino, California.
Ronald V. May, RPA, Principal Investigator (619) 269-3924
In National Register of Historic Places Eligibility Evaluation of Two Features Within CA-SBR-1088H, TELACU Senior Housing Project, W. 6th Street, City of San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California.
Brian Glenn, M.A, RPA, Pacific West Archaeology, Inc.
Client (760) 765-1289
Awarded: January 23, 2003
Completed: July 31, 2003

Legacy 106, Inc. analyzed over 3,000 historic artifacts recovered by Pacific West Archaeology from two late 19th century upper middle class households in San Bernardino, California. The City of San Bernardino and federal Housing and Urban Development directed Brian Glenn, Pacific West Archaeology, Inc. to perform Section 106, National Historic Preservation Act archaeology testing to mitigate the effects of a new elderly housing project. Legacy 106, Inc. analyzed the collection.

The Analysis of Historic Artifacts From Desert Center, Riverside, California.
Ronald V. May, RPA, Principal Investigator (619) 269-3924.
In National Register of Historic Places Eligibility Evaluation of CA-RIV-7019H and CA-RIV-7020H, Within The Southern California Gas Company Line 103 Gas Line Maintenance Corridor, Desert Center, Riverside County, California.
Brian Glenn, M.A, RPA, Pacific West Archaeology, Inc.
Client (760) 765-1289
Awarded: January 18, 2003
Completed: February 26, 2003

Brian Glenn of Pacific West Archaeology, Inc. retained Legacy 106, Inc. to analyze approximately 1500 artifacts recovered from a fiber optic cable trenching operation at Desert Center, Riverside County. The artifacts were associated with a 1930s-1950s saloon and gas station situated along Interstate 10. The analysis is part of a Section 106, National Historic Preservation Act, evaluation for the Bureau of Land Management.

The Linda Vista Homesteaders On Miramar Mesa: A Test For Local Patterns of Glocalization in a Rural California Agricultural Community, United States Marine Corps Air Base, Miramar, California.
Ronald V. May, RPA, Principal Investigator (619) 269-3924
Brian Glenn, M.A., RPA, Pacific West Archaeology, Inc.
Client (760) 765-1289
Awarded: April 15, 2001
Completed: July 31, 2001

Legacy 106, Inc. and Pacific West Archaeology, Inc. contracted with Anteon Corporation to analyze a large collection of historic artifacts recovered from more than twenty historic sites within the 1880s-1942 town of Linda Vista to assist the United States Marine Corps evaluate the scientific importance pursuant to Section 110, National Historic Preservation Act, for an up-coming Integrated Cultural Regional Management Plan.

Cabrillo Background Study, Reference Requisition Number #P8098000010, National Park Service, Western Regional Office, San Francisco, California.
In Shadows of the Past: Cabrillo National Monument, Archaeology Overview Management Plan. Ronald V. May, RPA, Principal Investigator (619) 269-3924
Roger Kelly, Ph.D.
Client (501) 817-1300
Awarded: August 17, 2000
Completed: September 29, 2000

The National Park Service awarded a contract to Legacy 106, Inc. to prepare five chapters to be included in Shadows of the Past at Cabrillo National Monument by Roger Kelly and Ronald V. May, which the National Park Service published in 2001. This document is a management overview of all federal lands on Point Loma with a long-term view toward consolidating all historic districts into one or more historic districts of contiguous and non-contiguous historic properties that would span the entire Point Loma Military Reservation, Fort Rosecrans, and United States Navy facilities and archaeological sites. The study brought together a number of reports prepared for various Navy commands and synthesized how all the National Register eligible properties could be interpreted in a future expansion of Cabrillo National Monument over the Point Loma Military Reservation.

The Roeslein Homestead on the San Dieguito River: A Test at CA-SDI-316 for Local Patterns of Glocalization in a Rural California Agricultural Community.
Ronald V. May, RPA, Principal Investigator (619) 269-3924
Richard Carrico, M.A.
Client (858) 578-8964
Awarded: May 31, 2000
Completed: February 21, 2001

Richard Carrico, Mooney Associates, retained the services of Legacy 106, Inc. to analyze historic artifacts recovered at CA-SDI-316 during Section 106, National Historic Preservation Act, and evaluations for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Starwood Development Company, golf course construction, and realignment of the San Dieguito River threatened this site collection.

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